Audio and video conferencing is one of the most explosive markets in the audiosphere, and Revolution Acoustics is rewriting the rules of engagement there. When collaborators are pulled together, it is to make critical impactful decisions. Diminishing this important exchange are cone type speakers invariably delivering too much sound pressure local to the speaker and not enough at the far end of the conference table, as well as off axis frequency losses and even exciting room modes. Intelligibility suffers greatly.

Now imagine a different conferencing experience where everyone in the room is served a perfectly consistent accurately tuned experience. Where each word counts, no one will make errors because they could not understand what was said. The Revolution Acoustics SSP6 invisible speaker reduces inefficiencies in teleconferencing, increasing productivity and delivering a substantial ROI over cone type speaker products.

The ceiling tiles or even the conferencing table itself can become an acoustic radiating surfaces, filling the room evenly, without the numerous compromises created by point-source cone speakers. Conference attendees can relax and use their energy to make critically important decisions rather than decipher less than intelligible sound. And the system is completely invisible installing in just a few minutes. Out of sight, with performance to match.

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