Critical Notification

Schools, government buildings, cruise liners, prisons, power plants, office buildings and a wide array of other infrastructure require critical audio notification systems. Whatever the page, if it has to be delivered to a target audience, the most reliable speaker technology in the world is the SSP6 invisible speaker.

A single SSP6 speaker creates a large planar radiating speaker with fantastically open polar dispersion patterns ensuring the target audience will receive the notice. No one will be lost in an acoustic shadow around a corner. No other speaker is able to provide the same coverage at optimal levels everywhere. Intelligibility is part of this mix and measuring extremely high on the STI (speech transmission index), the SSP6 provides intelligibility when most needed.

With the SSP6 invisible behind ceilings and walls, the equipment is protected from fire. Additionally, since no one can see the speakers and they are embedded, the system cannot be breached as it cannot be found making it virtually vandal proof.

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