Teaching is almost singularly an aural exchange between a professor and students. The student’s experience is vastly diminished by a myriad of legacy issues tied to point source cone type speakers. Audio for education is typically characterized by conventional cone speakers and is invariably hampered by logarithmic roll-off, off-axis losses, hot-spotting and cold acoustic shadowing as well as room mode excitation, all lending to a significantly compromised learning experience.

There is a revolution afoot in education, and the team at Revolution Acoustics is proud to be driving it. Using SSP6 Multiducers™, every student, even those at the back of the classroom are now able to receive 100% of the lecture at optimal levels without off-axis losses degrading intelligibility. By transforming surfaces such as drywall, ceiling tiles and furniture into precise acoustic radiators, the SSP6 is able to deliver a better learning experience.

Instead of limited cone type propagation patterns, massive “bubbles of even SPL and frequency response due to distributed mode loudspeaker physics cover large zones of space with optimized intelligibility.

Where suspended ceilings are present, the Ubiqui-T™ ceiling tile speaker panels radiate perfect audio throughout the classroom. The SSP6 invisible speakers measure extremely high on the Speech Transmission Index delivering class leading intelligibility, reducing listener fatigue, and allowing the students to expend their energy resources on learning, as opposed to deciphering less than optimal audio. 70V distributed audio solutions are a breeze with the RA-T1 Multi tap transformers.

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