Emergency Egress

Speakers used for emergency paging including emergency egress need to be reliable and function in less than ideal conditions. People’s lives depend in it. Revolution Acoustics understands this and delivers a hardened speaker technology able to deliver reliability unlike any other speaker in the world.

Emergency egress in the case of fire warrants a speaker able to deliver the emergency page, even when a building is being consumed by fire. UL2043 rated for smoke and fire in air return plenums, allows the SSP6 invisible speakers to deliver all that is needed, but it delivers substantially more. The SSP6 is actually installed behind certified fire barriers such as a ceiling or wall, resistant to flame. Certified waterproof, even sprinkler systems have no effect on the performance of the speaker. Near solid state enclosed construction allows the SSP6 to function no matter what is thrown at it. Everyone in the space will receive the notification at the correct levels.

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