Within the hotel, rooms, suites, lobbies, restaurants, bars, retail and spas benefit from the immersive audio experience produced by SSP6 Multiducer transducer invisible speakers. Elevating the guests’ sense of well-being and enjoyment is job one, and the SSP6 is purpose built for this. The “Revolution” is found in the way sound is propagated. Planar sound waves send sound absolutely evenly in the targeted space. The invisible form factor allows the architects and interior designers to control the detailed interior finished and do away with unsightly speakers altogether.

In the rooms, hotel guests spend the majority of their time on the bed. Revolution Acoustics uses the bed headboard to create an immersive home theatre experience at much lower sound levels so the adjacent rooms are not disturbed. The “feel” of the hotel can now be augmented as speakers no longer clash with the décor, and whether it be the lobby, spa, or restaurant, everyone will receive the chosen content at perfect levels.

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