Housing Developers

Housing developers are always striving to create a more desirable offering. Meticulous care is given in the creation of a coveted mix of space design complimented by amenities to help the developer turnover inventory. Crafting a home design, whether condominium or detached house, to large estates, appealing to the buyer’s sense of value is what drives successful business. Revolution Acoustics drives emotion and drives sales.

Wireless, zoned audio has just been shifted to a new level. Smarter Audio™. The SSP6 Multiducer™ brings the highly coveted invisible form factor to all residential environments, coupled with the “Revolution”, technology which has redefined the term “immersive audio”. Profit and ease of installation are features that equally redefine the user experience. Potential owners immediately identify with audio which often can help catalyze a decision to buy. You just have to look at many car manufacturers who effectively drive sales by way of the car’s entertainment system. Value, invisibility, simplicity, and above all, an incomparable user experience helps Revolution Acoustics be the embedded voice of the Smart Home.

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