Critical notification is synonymous with mission critical military infrastructure. Revolution Acoustics SSP6 invisible speakers offer a tactical advantage. When a command is communicated it must be heard regardless of the environment or circumstances. Conventional cone type speakers will not solve this problem to the same degree that the SSP6 Multiducers™ can. Completely uniform-coverage without the typically acoustically darkened areas common with cone type speakers means the message will be delivered accurately and with optimized intelligibility and sound pressure. Revolution Acoustics professional grade distributed mode loudspeaker technology delivers a listener experience that resolves all of the legacy issues inherent in conventional speaker drivers, and more.

From control and command centers to shipborne critical notification, the SSP6 Multiducer™ creates massive planar acoustic radiators using insitu infrastructure, and nearly solid state speakers make this approach reliable even in the harshest conditions. As the speaker finds itself behind a firewall (the substrate being driven) coupled with its UL2043 rating, and IP66 certification, mean it will deliver, even if the environment gets a little hot or pressured. Call us to learn how the Revolution can deliver a better tactical solution.

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