Public Address

Public Address systems for small to medium sized venues have been fraught by the limitations of point source speaker physics, acoustically hot local to the speaker, with far too little sound pressure at distance. In addition to this logarithmic roll off, off axis frequency losses further degrades the listening experience.

Voice intelligibility is paramount. Point source cone type speakers will always deliver a less than ideal representation of a source signal. Voice is muddied when off axis, and levels are typically too little or too much. The Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer invisible speaker operates using a different subset of acoustic physics. A planar wave front containing all frequencies everywhere is delivered in a room filling bubble of sound having recruited the walls or ceilings and massively large acoustic radiating panels. In the office or classroom space, Revolution Acoustics Ubiqui-T™ ceiling tile speaker panel delivers large coverage area at the correct audio levels.

A linear degradation in sound pressure provides a nearly magical value proposition where truly immersive sound can be created with far fewer speakers. Ergonomic Audio™ is the result. Acoustic hot spots and low SPL shadows are gone. The entire room is filled with the equivalent of perfect on axis frequency response as well.

General PA, teaching, and presentations are now supported in ways never imagined, and its in the new form factor: invisible. A revolution in public address is born.

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