From background music to more upbeat scenes, Revolution Acoustics offers the best audio technology for restaurants. Invariably, cone type speakers produce acoustic hot spots because they are point sources. Almost everyone has had an experience of moving to a table far from the speaker in a restaurant to avoid a confrontational experience produced by it. Those tables are typically underutilized or if seated there, clients are forced to have a less than optimal dining experience.

The Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer invisible transducer speaker produces an enveloping immersive-sound experience at perfect sound pressure levels throughout the restaurant. Music does not have to be played too loudly in an effort to cover the whole room as planar sound waves wash over all diners at the perfect level. The SSP6 delivers great fidelity and full frequency range, even bass, and it's invisible, lending to a higher degree of fit and finish.

Diners can converse and hear themselves even at louder levels, something almost unheard of with point source speaker drivers. And the décor of the restaurant will not be diminished with speaker boxes or grills everywhere. Everyone receives the perfect experience every time, supporting a better dining experience.

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