Signage Audio

The proliferation of very flat panel displays for signage is a wonderful thing. Great visual quality as well as a very clean aesthetic is provided. That said, the audio portion has always been lacking or even completely missing. Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer invisible speakers bring the other half of the message to the viewer. Discreetly and invisibly, rich audio can now be provided to complete the picture, so to speak, and provide not just a visual message but an integral information-rich experience.

On commercial signage, the supporting walls to which the flat panel is attached, or in commercial exterior signage the metal structures that house the flat panel are transformed into rich sounding speakers, invisibly. Infrared sensors can turn on the audio when a viewer is approaching the viewing area. As the speakers are embedded they are vandal proof offering reliable service regardless of the install point.

Just as sound brought life to the film industry almost 100 years ago, the SSP6 Multiducer adds an entire level of additional information to the signage category and additional effectiveness.

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