The world is in movement and so is the SSP6 Multiducer™. All transportation infrastructure requires public address capabilities for messaging everything from location to emergency egress to pure entertainment. Airplanes, busses, trains, yachts, ships and cars are now able to upgrade the user experience by way of the “Revolution”.

Revolution Acoustics uses the interior surfaces in a vehicle and transforms them into massive planar acoustic radiating surfaces. This provides consistent, even, audio everywhere in the vehicle’s interior without the need for any cutting or unsightly speaker grills. No longer will the passengers be accosted with too much sound pressure, or conversely, not enough sound. Even if a passenger is seated between speakers, The SSP6 Multiducers will never compromise intelligibility by way of off axis frequency losses like conventional speakers.

The experience is immersive and enveloping. Industrial and interior designers love using SSP6’s as they will help provide the fit and finish of the vehicle of the future, focusing on delivering a smarter user experience.

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