Why do we do what we do? Revolution Acoustics is like no other audio technology available today. We have a sense of purpose because we deliver audio in ways never imagined, solving simple to complex sound reinforcement problems. The results are magical and can be summarized as follows.


Revolution Acoustics technology has the ability to create large acoustic radiating surfaces, to propagate the sound field orders of magnitude further than conventional cone speakers, and to be characterized by phenomenal polar acoustic dispersion (170 degrees). By way of these attributes far fewer speakers are needed to fill a room with immersive sound rendering significant value.

No Subwoofers Required

Simple is better. Simple is hard to do. We bring simple not only to the installation equations but to the purchasing equation as well. The SSP6 is capable of being used in a large variety of situations with no subwoofer required as the system renders rich deep bass with a single full frequency Multiducer™. In the realm of invisible audio, the need for subwoofers plagues all other invisible speaker brands doubling the cost of entry initially for product, and that doubling is quadrupled as installation and commission costs are again doubled. There is no need for this as Revolution Acoustics quadruples the value proposition with its effective low cost unified systems approach.

Low Installation Cost Adding to this, the installation time is measured in minutes rather than days as with plaster in invisible speakers reducing the all up cost significantly. Cost of commissioning (installation) is a cost the plaster-in product purveyors would rather not talk about as it adds significantly to the purchase price. With the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducers™ installation of the transducer is incredibly fast and incredibly easy

Staging / Imaging

By simply separating two SSP6 Multiducers™ they will create a rich and very naturally sounding stereo image. What is most surprising is the way the left and right sound fields fill the room and the how they smoothly intermesh. No conventional point source cone type speaker is able to do this. The “sweet spot” where both sound fields can be best experienced, is not limited to a very small area in the room as with legacy speakers. With Revolution Acoustics, the listener can move in the space discerning distinctive left and right sound fields wherever they may be. In a home theatre application this can only help to allow all in the room to enjoy the experience. In a commercial space like a restaurant or retail store, all in the room will receive a much richer and pleasant listening experience.

Auto-Balancing. Optimal sound Everywhere

If the SSP6 Multiducers™ are being driven from opposite walls for example, they have the effect of auto-balancing themselves. Only a small percentage of sound enters the ear canal if you are close to one wall as it acts as a huge radiator, yet with the "new physics" employed by Revolution Acoustics, the opposite wall will deliver sound at much more consistent sound pressure levels as compared to a conventional cone driver. The listener magically (through physics) is able to enjoy a balanced, rich and naturally sounding stereo image.

No Feedback Loops or Room Resonance

Conventional speakers are point sources and will invariably excite room resonances, as well as feedback loops in a teleconferencing situation. These dissonant problems are largely solved Revolution Acoustics technology. As the SSP6 Multiducers™ create massive acoustics radiators through a bending wave technology, it in fact has the effect of driving hundreds of speakers over the large surface being driven, all at nano time differences. The result is no singular point source, and by way of that, almost no feedback or excitation of room resonances.

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