The New Physics

Revolution Acoustics Multiducers™, when affixed to large panels such as drywall, ceilings, ceiling tiles, window panes, wood cabinets, etc., cause these surfaces to become very large acoustic radiating speakers. Revolution Acoustics, utilizing its patented technology*, is the only manufacturer of true high fidelity distributed mode loudspeaker (DML) technology able to deliver a professional grade full frequency audio. As compared to common cone type dynamic speakers, sound is created like from that of the body of an acoustic guitar or piano’s soundboard, naturally, accurately, and immersivly. This is done using entirely different physics, which changes the listening experience and resolves the many latent problems plaguing conventional cone type drivers.

It like having a wall full of speakers, the likes of which create a massive planar acoustic wave. Not a cone shaped dispersive wave like regular speakers. No longer do uncomfortable hot point source cone speakers have to be used, characterized by their being too hot close to the speaker while not delivering even a mediocre experience at distance, or be limited by the narrow beaming of all high frequency content. Rooms modes and feedback loops into microphones are also a thing of the past. It is truly a revolution the summary description of which follows.

* Numerous US and worldwide patents.

The Problem 1: BEAMING:

Conventional cone speakers “beam” the sound signal in a conical pattern leaving large areas of the room without effective coverage.

………Worse, high frequency and mid-high frequencies are especially directional like a flashlight beam. Listeners are chained to the one “sweetspot” in the room. In commercial audio installations, the sound pressure levels vary, too hot under or close to the speaker, while just off axis intelligibility suffers as high frequencies content is simply not sent there. This is a major problem governed by physics which the industry has difficulty acknowledging.

The Solution:

Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducers™ have effectively resolved this inherent problem plaguing conventional speaker technology. Large panels excited by our SSP6 radiates full frequency… everywhere using bending wave physics. …

It is like having a wall or ceiling full of speakers with just one installed, or very few for a larger installation. The experience is transformative. Sound envelopes you in an accurate sound field wherever you are. Intelligibility and fidelity are now everywhere. There are no off axis frequency losses any longer. The listener experience is forever changes in both residential installations, and a the full gamut of commercial installations such as sound masking, public address such as classrooms, retail spaces and many others.

In addition to generating a consistent sound field everywhere in the space, the Revolution Acoustics Multiducer™ technology offers much more to continue to augment the listening experience.

The Problem 2: HOT AND COLD:

Conventional cone type speakers have a very limited capacity to project sound into space as its cone-shaped audio wave becomes very week in a relatively short distance. It actually drops of on a logarithmic scale (that is fast!).

Typically a sound system must be played louder to attempt to project sound deeply into the room creating an acousticaly hot experience when a listener is reasonably close to the speaker. Imagine being seated close to a speaker in the corner of a restaurant. The same analogy can play out in the home.

Because of the conical propagation pattern of all cone speakers (limited polar dispersion angles), there will be logarithmic losses in sound pressure. Again, a by product of physics. Even worse, in commercial ceiling installations, a listener will no doubt be able to point to the speakers with their eyes shut. Its hot and the space between the speakers is cooler in sound pressure. This again is a major issue degrading the user experience.

The Solution:

Whether close or far, Revolution Acoustics DML (professional grade distributed mode loudspeaker) technology resolves this at several levels changing the listening experience totally. As Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducers™ are attached to a wall, floor or ceiling, they become massive acoustic radiators. What is magical is they can be played at a comfortable listening level very close to the source but project comfortable audio sound level orders of magnitude deeper into the space as compared to cone-type speakers. True "Ergonomic Sound™” is born! Ergonomics is about optimizing the man machine interface in effort to minimize discomfort and maximize effective interaction between the person and the device.

When the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducers™ are used, the power of the amplifier, example 100W per channel at 8 Ω, is dispersed evenly over the whole wall. In very close proximity the listener’s ear canal will received a small fraction of that 150W. It's a humane experience.


As stated above, cone speakers produce conical acoustic waveforms. By their nature the “near field” or effective listening field is very limited as the sound pressure drops off over distance logarithmically (very fast). The sound wave actually diminishes at a rate of its square over distance, so at 10 feet the sound is (1/d squared) 1/100th of it sound pressure level at the speaker. It is not very efficient, and to create a value proposition, the volume must be increased significantly making the sound pressure levels in the space way too hot close to the speaker, and far from effective at distance. The only solution is to add many, more speakers driving cost and installation time up. Still, the listener will be subject to hot spotting.

The Solution:

With Revolution Acoustics technology the sound diminishes at a rate of its distance (1/d) so at the same 10 foot distance is numerous orders of magnitude better than if cone speakers were used. Its simply a surreal experience when experienced for the first time as stated by all. As opposed to a conical waveform, Revolution Acoustics’ technology generates a planar wave form which carries orders of magnitude deeper into the room. Sound very close to the speaker can be turned down to comfortable levels, yet the sound carries very deeply into the room where even at great distance its highly intelligible and substantial sound pressure is felt. For staging and imaging of stereophonic content or up to 9.2 home theatre, jut separate the Revolution Acoustics SSP6’s more aggressively to build bubble of effective sound that intersect for a whole room sweet spot, or sweet “area” in this case.

Problem 4: VALUE:

By way of their conical-shaped waveforms, you need to install many conventional speakers. In a ceiling installation, the ceiling is typically pocked with a complex matrix of unsightly speaker grills. No one wants that when they can have a clean plane overhead. Ask the architect or the interior designer! They will have an opinion as to what their client’s want. Such an install costs more for the equipment and more for the commissioning of all of those speakers. Even at that, the sound field will be characterized by acoustically hot spots, loss of content between the speakers, and the “Doppler” effect as you move through the room. Once again, a very compromised experience.

The Solution:

As Revolution Acoustic’s SSP6 creates massive acoustic radiators with one transducer, fewer are needed, bringing a substantial savings in commissioning the audio solution with respect to money and time, as well. The polar plot (see image) of the transducer is close to 180°. Even those standing far off axis will get perfectly replicated full frequency audio at comfortable levels of sound pressure. Magic? Not really. Just good science put to work to help resolve nearly all sound reinforcement applications.

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