The Revolution Experience

Revolution Acoustics is changing how people interact with sound solving the significant legacy issues with point source speakers at last, and doing do in the new form factor: Invisible.

At specific moments in time certain technologies are launched which magically seem to enhance to our lives. They surprise us in their usefulness, simplicity and elegance. They are the technologies that cause paradigm shift. The experience touches us in ways we can distinctly feel in the physical realm, and transports us away into the imaginary realm. The significance deepens as our lives evolve and interact with them, building valuable relationships. We are left to wonder how we could have lived without them.

Revolution Acoustics gives “voice” to our built environments, magically transforming how we interact with them.

Revolution Acoustics products deliver:

  • New acoustic physics:

    Delivering the perfect source signal (fidelity) evenly everywhere (Immersion)
  • Unparalleled ease of installation:

    70% less installation time.
  • True invisibility

    Audio’s most desirable form factor… today.

"We believe that technology is at its very best, at its most empowering, when it simply disappears.”
- John Ive, Designer, Apple Keynote, 09.10.13.


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