Wooden decks with open spacing between planks, to tongue in groove wood paneling all work well when using the SSP6 Multiducer™ transducers. The wood is transformed into a massive acoustic radiating body, just like an acoustic guitar or soundboard on a piano. In the case of open decking, a very functional approach can be used.

Simply cut a 3/8 (10mm) marine grade plywood in half. Screw a piece to the underside of the deck using thin 2 mm polyethylene foam (underfloor foam) between the deck and the marine plywood. With epoxy glue, adhere an SSP6 Multiducer transducer and the whole deck area comes alive in immersive sound. Water proof construction allows the SSP6 to deliver decades of worry free performance. With the SSP6, the deck environment is not cluttered up by ugly speakers and further everyone in the area will enjoy immersive sound with no hot spotting or cold shadowing.

Bring the next generation of immersive rich outdoor audio to your home. It is a “revolution” after all.

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