Home Theatre

The home theatre experience is undergoing an exciting transformation. Using the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducer transducer does not deliver a limited sweet “spot” typically delivered by regular cone type speakers, but creates a surprising whole room sweet “area” where no one gets a back of the buss experience. In addition, the “Revolution” is delivered in the new form factor: Invisible. Staging and imaging is surprisingly accurate and above all felt everywhere in the room.

5.1 home theatre systems, to 9.2 systems including Atmos™*, are all better served by the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 Multiducers. As much as SSP6’s deliver 55 Hz of bass, they do not deliver the rumble of an earthquake at 25 Hz. Add a sub, and high pass the SSP6’s at 80Hz and the marriage is perfect. It's a captivating experience unlike any we are used to. No hot spots close to the speakers yet the sound is propagated at nearly the same level across the room. A superior experience delivered with quick install invisibility.

*Atmos is a trade mark of Dolby Labratories

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