Whole Home Audio

There is no better solution for home audio than Revolution Acoustics. For whole home audio or for home theatre, and outdoor audio, the Revolution Acoustics SSP6 delivers an unprecedented audio experience. Living rooms, kitchens, dining areas, bedrooms, hallways, patios, and even the bath and shower themselves, can be filled with never before experienced immersive sound.

Ceilings, walls, windows, MDF forming center island kitchens, tongue and groove panels, some floors, bathtub shells and tile, are all able to be easily transformed into high fidelity speakers with astounding performance.

Not only does the SSP6 install in 80% less time than conventional speakers, it delivers over 70% more coverage. Invisible speakers are very topical in Residential Audio. Other offerings cost twice as much and don't deliver any bass response unless a special subwoofer and sub amp are purchased driving cost up. Installation time is measured in days as opposed to minutes with the SSP6 Multiducer™ transducer. Immersive sound covering every square foot of installed space allows this surprising technology to lead this entire speaker category.

A vastly better audio experience coupled with super fast installation puts both the end users in the lead with a sonically superior experience with a class leading invisible solution, and our integrators in lead as well with the competitive edge setting their installations apart from all others.

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