The most common building material in the residential space is glass. Who knew glass is not only used as a window to the world, but is also an incredibly immersive rich high-fidelity speaker.

By simply adhering the SSP6 Multiducer™ transducers to the upper or lower corner of a window with Revolution’s Ultra High Bond Tape (UHB) and installation can be completed in just a few minutes. The installation does not have to be front and center. A blind, curtain or window valence can easily hide the already tiny footprint of the SSP6. The powerful room filling sound is unlike any other cone type speaker. Using different physics, a very open propagation pattern covers the room with immersive rich and dynamic fidelity. No longer does there have to be obtrusive speakers taking up floor or shelf space. Deep bass to crisp highs – everywhere.

Great stereo imaging is delivered, but with e whole room sweet “spot”. We call it a sweet area as no one gets a back of the bus experience. Numerous commercial storefront installations around the world including the most prestigious retail outlets, as well as live concerts, have proven the SSP6 is able to deliver an incomparable listening experience when used on glass.

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